...safe this much at least of her while we can...

All images and text are copyright © Sarah Lüdemann 2015

2015, drawings, black ink, ca. 17.5 x 13 cm

Birth of sprinkled universe
2015, 24 karat gold, black ink, ca. 10 x 13 cm (in private collection)

2014, Inkjet Druck auf Hahnemühle Photo Rag Papier, 12,5 x 22 cm (in private collection)

Spit me out, dragon, you! You give birth to thyself, again and again until you form the very pattern on the wall. There I hang, fed into the building, four-dimensionally flattened. Yet, I still wander times and spaces and continue to be born out of myself.
interior #6
2011, site specific installation with printed paper, digital image

Kontinuierliche Massenhysterie
2013, site-specific wallinstallation with photocopies

All was mine, and all was me

2011, video installation, 5.28 min looped, ca. 53 x 82 cm

Push into me. Drown. I want to possess you, dearest. Enter the black hole and shake your own hand. Hello, I love you. I am IN to you. Merge painfully. REemerge into the light. Wasps attack randomly. And so I continue to tear my hair and bite my lips.

Waldorf penetration
2010, multi-channel video installation, 7.05 min (loop)

Dear Mister König, I'm your queen. Crown me. Together we grow, then climax, reach widths and heights overextended. Remain there for a moment just to begin to shrivel, to retreat. Juices sapped. It is winter.