Repeat. look. Repeat. look again. watch closely. Repeat. Repeat again.

Repetition, patterns, life cycles, birth, death and rebirth, destruction, construction and resurrection, polar opposites and their motion forces, like gender, gaze, perception and communication are themes at the core of Lüdemann's work. Feminism and masculinism, power structures and struggles, subversion, religious dogma, pornography, mental illness and spirituality are issues continuously touched upon in her work.

“As a child I would sit and watch the washing machine spin for hours, and then even the static on TV. Years later I read George Perec asking how we must look in order to see properly, in order to penetrate the world; and that the most extraordinary things are concealed by what is visible, hidden in the obvious. Complexity that lies within simplicity.”

Informed by the penis, originating from the vagina, source of the power, the body as flesh and the rest as the spirit nestled within a golden nebula of bee pollen. The black mamba mouth swallows your remains and digests to prepare for reincarnation. Death comes before birth. And in the midst of the battlefield of chaos and cosmos stands Gullinbursti, the fierce boar with the golden bristles, with its feet deep in the ground grunting obstinately with joy.

Welcome to my world.

All images and text are copyright © Sarah Lüdemann 2013
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